Café du Tukon

Blessed in isolation, the surroundings of Fundacion Pacita Hotel in Batanes tell a story of people who learned to adapt and thrive despite their often harsh and unpredictable environment.

From the endemic flora and fauna, (50 varieties of root crops) the only kind that thrives in stormy Ivatan weather to the hotel’s culinary techniques that include keeping their dried and smoked fish on stoves or storing cooked organic pork to have continuous supply for a certain period of time. This kind of cuisine is proof of the Ivatan’s ability to live in harmony and its environment through in their food culture.

Sculpted by wind, rain, and the rolling tides, the untouched beauty of our landscape is a testament to our respect for the laws of nature. The sights and taste of Batanes are more than unique – it reflects a cultural heritage that places value on their collective effort to understand and adapt to their environment by protecting the land and waters presence since it is the key to their collective survival.

Café du Tukon supports Ivatan farmers and cooperatives by making sure that when you place your order, you will get the freshest catch that produced by the hotel’s neighbor fisher folk and farms available in the season.

Most of the vegetables, beef, and pork served are locally produced and organically raised by farmers of Sitio Tuko. Some of the products all come from the backyard of Fundacion Pacita Hotel in Batanes where they also produce their own jams and breads.

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