Fundacion Pacita, Philippines

Built by artist Pacita Abad, Fundacion Pacita was originally envisioned to be the late artist’s vacation home, studio and gallery.

Pacita was an adventure seeker and trailblazer who sought to be a role model to other aspiring artists. She defied stereotypes and broke several proverbial glass ceilings, including being the first woman to ever be given the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines award.

Despite having spent most of her life living and working in different parts of the world, Pacita remained an Ivatan at heart. She was passionate about preserving the distinct beauty and culture of her hometown, and about doing her part to constantly improve the lives of her fellow Ivatans.

After her death in 2004, her home was gifted by the Pacita Abad Art Estate to her siblings, who renovated and refurbished the building and its premises, creating the current Fundacion Pacita complex. It was opened to the public in late 2008 and is owned and managed by the Jorge, Aurora and Pacita Abad Memorial Foundation.

Today, Pacita’s home gives visitors a chance to experience Batanes through its locally inspired rooms, all named after different Ivatan words for the wind and with sweeping views of the Ivatan landscape; delicious traditional cuisine and warm Ivatan hospitality while helping to preserve the islands’ unique culture, architecture and customs.

Fundacion Pacita supports the programs of the Jorge, Aurora and Pacita Abad Memorial Foundation Inc. (JAPAMFI), which include heritage conservation projects as well as scholarships for aspiring Ivatan artists. It is the only not-for-profit establishment in Batanes.

About the Jorge, Aurora and Pacita Abad Memorial Foundation, Inc. (JAPAMFI)

The Jorge and Aurora Abad Foundation was established in memory of Pacita’s parents, lifelong Ivatan public servants, to help fund the studies of promising young Ivatans.

After Pacita’s death in 2004, it became the Jorge, Aurora and Pacita Abad Memorial Foundation, and the scope of its work widened to include:

Support for Aspiring Ivatan Artists
The Foundation funds the studies and activities of aspiring Ivatan artists as well as other art events initiated by partner schools in Batanes.
Heritage Preservation and Sustainable Tourism Promotion
The Foundation promotes the preservation of traditional Ivatan practices and customs by supporting the restoration of Ivatan vernacular houses and converting them into museums, reading centers, and bed & breakfast inns.
Educational Assistance/Scholarship Grants for Ivatan Students
This program aims to support the education of Ivatan youth by providing scholarships to qualified Ivatan students and providing educational materials to partner schools in Batanes.
Training and Livelihood for Ivatans and Local Communities
Fundacion Pacita empowers local Ivatan communities by providing opportunities to provide products and services to the establishment and its guests. The Fundacion Pacita also allows selected students to undergo on-the-job training on-site, with several former interns and trainees eventually being recruited to join the hotel as full-time staff.